Baby Shower

To say that time went by quickly is an understatement.  It zoomed by and I can still remember finding out that I was pregnant, seeing the first ultrasound, sharing the news with friends and family, and all those other little and big things.  The baby shower seemed like a distant thing when Kris and I first talked about it.  And then it just snuck up, the end of July.  Even though there are obviously things that make the situation real – every ultrasound, kicks, jabs, and potential somersaults – the baby shower made it even more so…and made me realize how close she is is to arriving into this world.  Yes, I still have a month and a half, but in January, when I found out, September was a distant and far away month.

And now it is August…and my heart beats faster in anticipation, slight anxiety and fear, and utter excitement.

The baby shower was thrown by my wonderful friends, Kris, Julie, and Vivian.  My mom was also a part of it and together, they all pulled together something magical, memorable, and very special.  From the food to the decor (Kris designed everything from the invitation to the tags to the sign-in frame) to the centerpieces (Vivian’s talent and skills in floral arrangement), everything was absolute perfection!  With three powerhouses in creativity, can you expect anything less?  The baby shower was just as amazing as the bridal shower that the three of them put together and I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

I couldn’t help but photograph everything going on before everyone arrived.  I did put the camera down once my friends and family started to arrive and I am thankful that Vivian brought her camera to capture the day.  It was so much fun seeing everyone and also all the kiddies who are growing up so fast!  In just a couple of months, there is going to be another one in the mix and I cannot wait for Emi to meet her future playmates and aunts and uncles!

Thank you for everyone who made it to the baby shower and to those who sent their well wishes!  I truly feel loved and Emi already feels it, too!

I had two diaper cakes – one made my ReginaMarie Holt (left) and the other made by Vivian (right).  I loved them both!  If you need any party supplies/paper crafted items, Gina does some amazing things!

All the decor was designed and created by Kris.  I hope she decides to start selling her things as well since I received compliments on the decor, especially the tree she created!

Floral arrangements were made by Vivian.  If you need a florist, she’s the one to work with!

I love food and there was an amazing spread at the baby shower!  There was food from Porto’s – potato balls, cheese rolls, empanadas, and guava cheese rolls – and sandwiches from Euro Pane.  In addition, Kris made salad and lemon and basil spaghetti while my mom made fried wontons.  To top it all off, my mom also made chocolate chip cookies while Julie made brownies!  That wasn’t the end of the dessert table, though.  There were also macarons from Euro Pane – caramel sea salt, my favorite! -, milk and berry cake from Porto’s, and Taro’s mom also brought a fruit tart.  It was dessert heaven!

Energetic.  Full of life.  Goofy.  Silly.  Fun.  Loving.  These are all words that pop into mind when I think of Lizet and her huge smile that is always on her face.  Lizet is part of my extended family, cousin-in-law, cousin by marriage – we were trying to figure out how to describe our relationship and we came up with all of these, but eventually settled on the fact that her future daughter will probably call me auntie and Taro uncle.  Regardless of the title and name, Lizet is family and I am excited that her and Rich are going to welcome a baby soon.

Lizet is going to be a wonderful mother.  This is how I know.  At one of the parties we had at our house, Lizet was sitting outside when a squirrel fell from the tree.  She wanted to take care of the injured creature so Lizet walked inside and grabbed a handful of nuts to feed the squirrel.  There was this innate desire to care for it.  Most people probably would have left the squirrel alone and just completely disregarded it; Lizet didn’t.  Even though the story itself does not have a happy ending (Sadly the squirrel was torn to pieces from neighborhood cats.), Lizet cared for an animal that most people would stay away from or shoo away.  This is what a mother does – nurse, care for, love, and shelter a little being who is trying to understand and take part in the big, open world.

Lizet looked absolutely stunning at her shower.  She was making jokes, laughing, and rubbing her belly.  I also thought it was cute when she would scratch around her belly and tell us how she was hot and itchy; it seemed like a typical silly action made by Lizet with the recognizable smile on her face.  You could feel the excitement in the warm, spring air from Lizet, her sister, and her mother as they talked about the new addition arriving in early July.

Lizet, congratulations again on your pregnancy and Taro and I look forward to welcoming a baby girl to the family!  We are so excited for you and Rich and know that this baby girl is extra lucky to have you two as parents!

Audrey, Rich’s sister, threw an amazing baby shower for Lizet.  Audrey gave Lizet two options for the type of food that she wanted and Lizet selected fried chicken.  The fried chicken was amazing and made entirely from scratch!  When I arrived to the house, Audrey was busy battering the chicken and frying it on the stove.  On top of that, she made biscuits herself.  It was a southern-style feast and people could not keep their eyes or hands away from the spectacular spread!  Check out Audrey’s blog for details about her homemade chicken.

The lovely chef in the kitchen:

Dessert was cupcakes from Dots:

The first baby shower game was measuring Lizet’s belly.  I love her stance; she was ready to be measured and according to her, anyone who guessed too large would have to immediately leave the premises.

For the second game, everyone had to draw their own version of Lizet’s future baby…but on top of their heads on a paper plate!  Some were a bit abstract while some closely resembled a baby.  There were a lot of laughs as Lizet went through each image.  I especially like how Lizet’s sister drew a baby farting since Lizet’s nickname is Stinky.

I love the expression on Lizet’s face in these two pictures.  The first one has her holding up cute yellow shorts while the second one shows a look of shock when she heard how many diapers a baby could potentially go through in one day.

Pink and grey lanterns strung across the room.  Onesies, dresses, and tiny bottoms hanging on clothespins.  Tiers of tiny sandwiches mixed with trays of dim sum.  These were all the elements of Melissa’s baby shower, organized by two of her close friends from Occidental, Liz and Margaret.  A bunch of girls from all directions of Melissa’s life – college, work, or friends whom she has met through her husband – came to celebrate Melissa and the anticipated arrival of Isabella.  Just weeks away from her due date, Melissa enjoyed the moment to socialize, catch up with old friends, and bask in the glow of her pregnancy.  All you could see was Melissa’s smile and her friends could clearly see the anticipation for a huge, but exciting, change that is going to occur in her and Jason’s life.

Congratulations, Jason and Melissa.  Isabella is coming into a world filled with love, humor, friendship, and most of all, two people who are dedicated to each other and their families.  On top of that, there is a large group of friends waiting for her birth and arrival so there are plenty of aunts and uncles waiting to meet the little one and shower her with unconditional love!

I love the tiny shoes that were delicately hanging!  They are so tiny and just adorable.

These shorts are just too much!  I love the pattern and Isabella is going to be one stylish baby.

Great finds from Etsy, which will show off Isabella’s Chinese half:

There was definitely an abundance of food along with sangria and an assortment of tea.  Everyone definitely enjoyed a plate full and conversed over a well put together luncheon.  The cupcakes were made by Liz – chocolate with vanilla sprinkled frosting – and the dim sum was provided by Hong Kong Palace in Rowland Heights, California.

Bold and fierce colors within a circle of friends:

The first baby shower game was measuring Melissa’s belly.  A couple guests were pregnant so they used their own bellies to judge, others eyeballed, and some put the grey yarn around their own waists in order to determine the correct size.  Some people were close, but there were a good handful that were way off, prompting a lot of laughter from Melissa.  As a photographer, it was a joy capturing Melissa’s many facial expressions and humor as each person wrapped their yarn around her.