Our lives are filled with milestones and moments. Before Cecilia’s birth and arrival, it was her mommy and daddy getting married. Then it was Cecilia doing tummy time for the first time when I took her Christmas photos. And now, not only a big moment for her, but for her entire family (extended included) as well, was Cecilia’s baptism. Held at the San Gabriel Mission, Cecilia was blessed under the house of God and before her family’s eyes. It was a celebratory moment and just one of the many moments Cecilia is going to experience in her life.

As always, it was such a pleasure seeing Ana and Chris and I feel so fortunate to have photographed them and their family once again! They truly are such great people and I love seeing them grow along with Cecilia. Thank you for giving me yet another opportunity you two and I look forward to more throughout the years!



I met the Aguilar family back in December when we did a Christmas photo session together. During that time the youngest one was sitting up on his own and was showered with love and affection by his older brother and sister. Fast forward to May and now he is the big one! The minute I saw the Aguilar family there was definitely a sense of familiarity – almost like no time had passed, but at the same time, evident that it has been a lil’ while only because the youngest one was walking – even running to reunite with his daddy, brother, and sister who had to take a bathroom break – and exploring galore. Because this was our second session together, the older one shared his love and interest of soccer with me – saying “Goooooooal!” during his individual photos – while their daughter held my hand and we explored South Coast Botanical Garden together. I love that when I take photos of families more than once there is a different type of relationship and that the kids feel comfortable around me to play around and not be shy in front of the camera.

It was such a joy seeing the Aguilar family again and to see how much they have grown, yet remained very much the same as well. I look forward to our next session at the beach! It should be a fun and adventurous one!



The big day for high schoolers is prom. They go all out – hair, make-up, nails, flowers, party bus, that special dress and that sharp tux – so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they want to capture that special moment with memorable photos. I had the opportunity to take photos of four lovely couples, each unique in their own way, but equally as excited to create one last memory of their senior year. It was such a joy to see some of them outside of the classroom and see them all dressed up for their big night. Here are just some of the photos from the sessions!

If you are interested in taking senior graduation pictures, please feel free to email me at info@andreataro.com. June will be here in no time!