During the baptism ceremony at the church, the priest who resided over it said that a baptism washes away all sin and introduces a saint to everyone. This saint is supposed to be cherished and provided guidance by not only the parents, but also the very important godparents (and extended family in attendance to witness this baptism). I absolutely loved the description of children as saints because they are innocent and we are the ones responsible to shape who they become. Yes, the world around them will influence their choices and decisions, but it all starts at home first.

So here is introducing baby V, a beautiful saint who I was able to photograph during one of many important events in her life.




December into January was a bit crazy. We all got pretty sick from a nasty bug that Emi caught. She ended up getting tonsillitis and it quickly spread to me, Taro, and Abby. And right when everyone was off antibiotics, another bug seemed to hit us pretty quick so things started off on a rocky start. Regardless, we persevered, but after Christmas, I really had to start working on Abby’s Red Egg Party (hence the delay in updating on Abby). It ate up every minute I had available since I was making all the decorations, labels, centerpieces…you name it, I had some part in it. Overall, though, it felt like a success and it seemed like everyone had a good time and enjoyed great food (catered by Aloha Café, sweets and treats from Melissa Ferdinandus). I was busy trying to catch up with everyone while taking care of Abby and Emi and of course, the next day, I had no voice! I haven’t completely lost it, but it is hard to talk and somehow, I came down with a cold again. I feel like this season, it is a vicious cycle of getting better/getting sick! I cannot wait until it is gone.

Since the last update, Abby has been “talking” a lot more. She enjoys babbling and I feel like if I am gone for an hour or two (to do photo sessions), Abby needs to catch me up on what she was up to during the time she wasn’t with me. It is pretty funny and she can actually talk quite loud at times. My mom sometimes thinks she is crying when Abby is actually just babbling away. It’s really cute…even at 5:30 a.m., which is right now as I am typing away and she is sitting next to me because she is up. Even though it is early, she did go seven hours so I guess it is fine until she falls asleep.

Abby has opened up her hands (You know how babies hold fists for a while and hide lint in their palms!) and likes to hold on to my finger. She has also discovered that she can suck on her fingers, but it makes her gag sometimes. I am sure she will discover her thumb at some point and then she will just be like her big sister Emi. Abby doesn’t like the pacifier so we probably have two thumb suckers in this household!

Abby continues to love taking a bath and we have started giving her a bath at night to indicate bedtime. It has definitely helped, but Abby still likes having her bath in the morning. Eventually the morning bath will be eliminated, but for now, Abby is taking two baths. She loves kicking her feet around in the bath tub and she splashes so much that the floor always gets wet!

Tummy time is going well, although Abby hates it. She’s pretty strong, especially when you hold her. We don’t have to worry too much about her wobbling around. If anything, Abby enjoys turning and looking around. She especially had a good time looking at everything when we went to Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland.

It’s crazy how much time has passed and I am glad that I get to stay home and watch Abby grow and develop. I can’t wait to see what happens in month four!


Does Abby look like Emi? We decided to take a photo of Abby next to a picture of Emi in the exact same outfit.



Tricia and I go waaaaay back, as in high school (Summer before senior year, I believe?) when we used to lifeguard/teach swimming lessons together at Barnes Park. It was the summer of doing flips off the diving board into gushing water, standing on boogie boards or on the tops of the shoulders of the male lifeguards, cappuccino blast drinks at Baskin-Robbins practically every day, eating dim sum and random goodies that the parents brought for us, and choreographing a dance routine kind of summer days. We were young and had fun at our first serious job…which at times was not so serious! It was me, Tricia, and Kris and the beginning of a friendship that has lasted into our 30s. Even though there are spans of time where we all don’t see each other, when we do get together we pick up from where we last left off – still with tons of gossip and fun and usually shared over good and tasty food.

So when Tricia contacted me regarding taking family photos, I was thrilled! First off, I really do enjoy taking photos of friends, but what I was excited about was that I was taking photos for her grandparents, who were excited to have their kids (and son-in-laws) and grandchildren around for the holidays. In total there are 15 of them and it was great to see individual families interact, but also how the entire family interacts with one another. The sisters teased each other about who stood next to their dad during the photos, the parents teased their kids while they were taking pictures and vice versa, the daughters had fun messing around with their dad, the cousins were able to make fun of one another during individual family photos, but the absolute best thing was seeing Tricia’s grandmother clap ever so slightly, but enthusiastically, while taking photos with her grandchildren. She had a smile on her face and was SO happy. I was seriously smiling behind the camera and this made all the parents smile and laugh, too, so much so that the kids had to stop and ask them what was going on. Once they all found out what their grandmother was doing, it brought out the best smiles and laughter. The clapping was the cutest thing and it made me recall what my BF said. Parents enjoy raising their kids, but they find even more joy and feel proud when they have grandchildren. You could definitely see that in Tricia’s grandmother.

I am so happy I was able to capture family photos for you, Mr. and Mrs. Saisho! Thanks for giving me the opportunity, Tricia, and I hope everyone can look back and see how much happiness and love you bring to one another!