I am so happy to start 2013 with a sweet gesture.  Aileen, my former AP student, contacted me and asked me to take photos of her sister, Elise.  Aileen and her brother wanted to give Elise a gift to not only celebrate her sister’s nine year anniversary (Isn’t that amazing?) with her boyfriend, Truong, but also a chance to take photos of her beautiful pregnancy belly!  I was absolutely thrilled to be able to help both of them out and even more excited to partake in another maternity session.  Aileen’s gesture truly shows what a loving sister and person she is, but I already knew that after having her as a student for a year.  So I was not surprised when I met Elise and she was equally as kind and sweet as Aileen!  I can definitely see how they are sisters and am glad that this gave me the opportunity to communicate with a former student, but also work with such a great couple. (Plus I can only guess that their brother is equally as awesome!)

Elise and Truong are such down to earth people and so easy-going.  In between talks of the pregnancy thus far, discussion of the upcoming baby shower, and the process of finding a house before Elise’s due date, I could see the excitement and anticipation for the arrival of baby Noah, who is due to make his appearance at the end of March.  It was wonderful to hear how the two of them met and how Elise and Truong are now going to add more memories to their journey together. As first time parents, nerves of labor and delivery are there, but Elise had a smile throughout the morning and I can tell that she cannot wait to hold her baby boy in her arms!

The love and care that Truong showed in helping Elise down the grassy mounds at the park and helping her get up are the gestures I can anticipate when Noah needs an extra hand when learning to walk, support to learn his ABCs, or even a clean diaper.   Elise and Truong, it was wonderful to meet the two of you!  You two are going to be amazing parents. Congratulations again and I look forward to meeting Noah and taking his first photos!