Emi * 16 Months

The first entry of 2013!  January started off with a New Year’s celebration in Little Tokyo.  Emi was given a kimono-like top (apparently, more of an obon outfit, but it fit now perfectly now) from a friend in Japan so I was very excited to have her wear it and experience the festivities of the Japanese New Year.  What did Emi enjoy the most?  The food, of course (just like mommy)!  She enjoyed her first imagawayaki and loved the bamboo as part of a traditional Japanese meal. Emi even had the chance to pound mochi with Taro and her gi-chan.  She didn’t quite enjoy it as much as we did, but she was able to stand and hold the hammer with the help of Taro and was even featured in the newspaper!

So much has happened in the past month and I absolutely love that I can see this developmental process in Emi.  She is mimicking more words and sounds.  She can say bow-bow, Cantonese for bread.  My mom taught Emi how to turn the lights on and off so every time she does it, Emi says, “Bak!” like the sound of the light switch at my parents’ house.  After Emi turns on/off the lights or closes the door (At my parents’ house she likes to close the refrigerator door while at our house, she always checks to make sure the bathroom door is closed.), I say, “Good job.”  Now Emi says, “Good job” before I have a chance to or she says it when I do something!  It is pretty funny and reminds me how quickly children learn and absorb things.  Another pretty amazing thing Emi can do is bring figurines to me. She has a bunch of Sesame Street figurines and I say, “Can mommy have Big Bird?”  Emi then goes over to her toy box and will bring the correct figure!  She can identify Big Bird, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, and Cookie Monster.  She struggles with Abby – perhaps because she calls it baby sometimes – but I am so surprised how she picked up on all the characters’ names while we read books.  Emi points to them and even will say, “Who’s that?”  I love that she is learning through reading!  In addition, when Emi hears the songs “When You’re Happy” and “Bingo,” she actually stops to clap her hands.  It is even cuter because she bobs to the music and claps.  Emi still loves music so she constantly pauses to dance.

My mom says that Emi is a sneaky one because she casually just hangs around in the dining room and the minute my mom takes her eyes off of her, Emi will quickly walk/walk-run to the ball pit and go inside and throw all the balls out.  At home she doesn’t have a ball pit but instead, has balls inside her wagon. Especially when Taro watches her, Emi will slyly go to the wagon and grab two balls and throw them against the ground to watch them bounce.  She then proceeds to laugh loudly and thinks it is quite hilarious!  I have to admit, it is pretty funny and it makes her do it over and over again.

Emi loves to give kisses, eskimo kisses, and hugs.  She will even give them to Sandi and Peanut if you ask her to.  It is pretty funny since Peanut’s nose is wet and it startles her.  And Emi thinks it is hilarious to chase the two of them around.  Peanut tries to walk away, but Emi is getting faster and faster.  He has resorted to hiding under the dining room table.

So as you may know, when Emi was teething, her teeth came out all in succession.  Eight straight teeth.  So of course, ALL of Emi’s molars came at once.  Her four back teeth are out and there are four more coming in.  This girl just likes to get them all out of the way.  Or she is a foodie in the making.

Like I said, Emi is developing at this exponential rate and she is processing more and more information.  During MLK weekend, I took her to the zoo and Emi was able to identify the animals.  It was so cute because she would say, “Ooooooooohhhhhh!” once she saw them.  She especially liked the orangutan, which she made eye contact with (I’m absolutely positive the orangutan batted her eyelashes!).  In addition, Emi thought it was hilarious watching the alligator float in the water. I cannot wait to take her again and see how Emi reacts to the other animals.

2013 has started on a good note and I look forward to more adventures, more words, and more silliness with my little person.

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