It has been an adjustment with Emi starting school and because of that, I have definitely fallen behind with an update on Emi! So we are definitely at a point where Emi has adjusted more and now she actually says her two teachers’ names and actually has fun at school. We are still working on that nap area, but at least she has napped! In other areas, though, Emi enjoys art time at school and playing with the trains, waffle blocks, and animals. Of course, she loves that she can swing out on the playground and from what her teacher says, Emi is becoming more independent and interacting more with the other kids in her class. This makes me happy, but Emi is still shy and that’s okay. She definitely takes after me since it takes me a while to open up as well.

Emi started soccer again and this time around, she had more coordination in running and kicking the ball. She had a lot of fun going to “kick ball,” but the only thing I wished was that it was the same instructor as last time. Coach Torri was SO good with the kids and this time around, the two instructors had the attitude of we can’t teach this age group how to play soccer. They pretty much told the parents we were on our own, but Emi and I had fun running around to the different colored flags and practicing our soccer moves. I will probably sign her up again, but hopefully the people running it will be better. Since soccer has ended, we still go to the park since Emi loves going on the swings (aka yippee!) and there is an older man who sets up bubbles for the kids to play with. Emi cracks me up because she doesn’t want to touch the bubbles, yet she likes the bubbles (they are gigantic since the man has made his own wands). Emi pops the bubbles by kicking up her feet (Hi-yaaaa!), but just this week, she actually thought it was funny when the bubbles popped on her head. She has progressed to popping the bubbles with the wand, but still doesn’t want to poke the bubbles with her fingers. However, she thinks it is funny if I pop the bubbles. Emi is so silly.

Emi started up with ballet/tap again. She can now put her hands on her hips and follows more with the instruction. She still dances to her own beat and makes up her own moves, but to me, that’s fine. It makes me laugh and smile and Emi looks like she is having fun. I figure, why do I need to be strict on her in following the moves? Maybe ballet isn’t in her future and I definitely wouldn’t want to make it not fun by correcting every single thing. (I think that’s why I didn’t want to take piano anymore when I was in high school. It just wasn’t fun.)

So here are the words/phrases for the past two months (that I can remember, although there are plenty more): funny, Let’s count, motorcycle, taxi, dump truck, ice cream truck, produce truck, Try it, Go inside, Meme help you, It was a good bath, one thousand, star balloon, clothespins, buttons, paper clips, crayon, coins, keys, silver, stacking, Good job stacking, It was a good bath, ladybug, let’s cook, bouncing, You show me, seeds… Emi also somehow learned my cell phone number. In addition she likes to ask the following (in a series): Did you have fun on Dumbo? Did you have fun on the carousel? Did you have fun with Grandmama? Did you have fun on the rocket ship? Rocket ship fun. Did you have fun at Disneyland? Did you have fun on blue elephant? What colors do you see? In regards to school, she likes to say the following (also in a series): Did you have fun at school? Did you have fun with Ms. Doris? Did you have fun with Ms. Veronica? Did you have fun with Meme? So much fun. The other thing that Emi likes to do is when we count blocks she brings a block or when we identify a shape, she will find that shape within her toys. With colors, if she sees a black trapezoid in a book, she will bring me a black crayon. Sometimes I am just amazed at what she does!

This entry was definitely rushed and I probably forgot a bunch of things, but hopefully Emi will look back at this and still know that I really do keep track of the little and big things. Until the next entry…





It is pretty amazing when you feel like you are a part of someone’s journey and there to witness growth, change, and development. That is how I feel with Isla. I was there before her birth, there to answer random questions from Krysti (I love that moms can ask other moms things, even if it might sound silly or absurd.), there for eight month old photos, and now there to celebrate Isla turning one. I truly cannot believe an entire year has passed and I find it amazing that she is on the brink of walking, a lover of carrots and fruit, and has the most beautiful eyelashes! Isla is such a doll and the center of Krysti and Dave’s world.

Isla’s birthday party was duck-themed (Emi absolutely loved it because she loves yellow rubber duckies!) and the party took place at this amazing house in Venice.  It provided the perfect setting for photos – the feel of being outdoors while being indoors – and even despite not taking a full nap, Isla was fascinated by the balloons and letters that spelled out ONE as we took photos. Isla had a fantastical dress on and it gave such a whimsical, woodsy feel. She was definitely much more content dressed later in her leggings so she could crawl around and explore the rocks, but in that dress, she was truly a little princess.

Happy birthday once again, Isla! May this year be filled with more exploration, words, and wonder. I look forward to hearing and seeing more! xoxo


I love that when I have ideas, I can share them with people like Amanda Brown. Amanda is an Event and Wedding Coordinator and she was able to style the cutest Valentine’s Day themed portrait session! I was not surprised by her skill and hard work; after all, when I photographed her wedding, Amanda created her very own dessert table (and she made the dessert table for my daughter’s Red Egg party)! It was filled with goodies galore and she incorporated her own touches in the décor and elements of her wedding. Since then Amanda has organized many events – ranging from birthday parties to weddings – and now she has a styled portrait session to add to her list! I absolutely loved working with Amanda and you can definitely look forward to more collaboration in the near future.

Krista and Sal helped out with this styled shoot. They are a recently engaged couple and even though this was a styled session, it showcased their love and friendship that they have with one another. Sal was able to make Krista (and me and Amanda) laugh with his suffering joke and we all had a good laugh, minus Sal, with the heart confetti. Let’s just say he wasn’t prepared to get a close up shot of his hands. I would definitely ask the two of them about the story because it brought out the best laugh and expression from Krista. These two are definitely a great match and I wish the two of them happy planning!

Thank you again to Amanda (and Michael, her super awesome husband, who used his handyman skills to put together the booth on spot) for creating the kissing booth, heart garland, and felt Love letters and Krista + Sal for taking part in this session!