I am so familiar with this family that when I see them, I get first name greetings and hugs! I love that I am able to photograph them multiple times throughout the year and see them grow ever so slightly and see the bond between siblings grow stronger each time. Whether it is chasing one another around the park or the younger one is sitting on top of his big brother, these kids are hilarious, fun, and just overall the sweetest to be around. Their goofiness especially came out when the snow part of our session began. They had so much fun throwing it on top of their mom’s head and later on top of their aunt’s head that their laughter could be heard from down the block! At the end of our session, Angel asked where we would be taking photos next. I love that the kids have welcomed me in and really, I cannot wait to see them again.

Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of your holiday photos, Delilah! As always, it was good to see you and the kids and I am glad I was also able to take photos of you and your sister! Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you again!


I feel like I am on a journey with the Perez family. I get to see them grow, develop, and change with each milestone, event, holiday, and moment. I feel fortunate that I can photograph their lives together and I especially feel lucky to watch Cecilia grow. The last time I saw her was at her baptism. Now Cecilia is walking – during our session she even started to run! – and expressing what she wants through gestures and sign language. She made the motion for more and Cecilia was even silly in copying my “I don’t know” hand gestures! I loved how she reacted positively to the word breakfast and nodded her head, clearly showing she was ready to eat (definitely my kind of girl)! I am sure the next time I see her she will be talking and will be even more on the go. I look forward to that and definitely cherish the fact that I get to be a part of her growth!

Thank you, Chris and Ana, for your continued trust and support in capturing your family moments! I love seeing your family and I hope you enjoy the holidays with your beautiful girl! Her silly smile definitely brought sunshine to our somewhat rainy session!


Jennifer and her family came down to So Cal to visit family and spend Thanksgiving here. Part of her visit included having lunch with her two best friends since high school, E and Wenyee. Despite the distance – Jennifer lives up north – they still find time to hang out, chat, and continue on that friendship. From that conversation alone, Jennifer was introduced to me! (Again, clients who are happy with their photos who recommend me to their friend is the highest compliment!) Within just a night’s worth of email exchanges, we set up a session for the following day to squeeze in a family shoot before they headed home.

Since this was an impromptu family session, Jennifer mentioned she wasn’t quite prepared for the weather down here. (I know yesterday and today it was raining, but just think back to how it was warm the day before Thanksgiving!) She said it was pretty cold back at home so she definitely welcomed the warmth and sun for their session. It was really a perfect day for one, too, especially with the sunlight peeking through the trees, the red and yellow glow of the trees, and the beautiful leaves on the grass. It actually looked like Fall at Schabarum Park, which is definitely unusual since we don’t often see the changing of colors in leaves!

It was a great afternoon spent with the Gu family. I loved seeing how the kids interacted with one another. Sometimes they would tease each other and poke one another, but then the next moment it was filled with hugs and silliness. The two sisters danced and pretended to be like Anna and Elsa (big Frozen fans, as you can tell) and together, the three of them enjoyed running and chasing one another on the grassy mound in the park. They definitely showed why it is awesome to have siblings and how they will always have one another.

Thank you for spending part of your holiday trip with me, Gu family! Hope you are staying warm now that you returned home!