It’s pretty amazing how quickly time passes, especially with babies. I remember Paul telling me about Sharon expecting their second child, how initially they were expecting a girl, but lo and behold, another ultrasound indicated a boy, and even how Sharon had a craving for brownie a la mode during her pregnancy. And then Bradley arrived, but I couldn’t meet the little fellow for his red egg celebration because I had Abby and she was really a newborn at the time! However, I did meet the lil’ guy over hot pot dinner – I was pretty impressed that he sat in his chair and enjoyed food – and I was super ecstatic to take his one year photos.

The session was at the LA Arboretum and it felt very much like a previous session…with Bradley’s older sister when she was one! I remember Elin was able to stand and support herself on a bench. Bradley was pretty similar, but actually was able to take steps and even dance to music. It was adorable seeing him bob up and down to the beat of the music. He was definitely a trooper, even wearing traditional Korean attire (again, very reminiscent of Elin’s photos) on a warm day. It was great seeing how much Bradley changed and developed since that hot pot dinner and I look forward to seeing him continue to grow up into a lil’ man.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your son, Paul and Sharon! I look forward to celebrating more of Bradley’s milestones!


Emi is now four. Yes, four. When did she grow up so quickly? The time just flew by and now I have an opinionated, often stubborn, fun loving, silly, talkative, dancing, song loving, clumsy, super sensitive, goofy, imaginative little girl. Emi is developing into herself, which does mean she pushes the boundaries to try to get what she wants, but she has a good heart and shares with her sister, wants to be held even though she is a big girl (I will hold her for as long as she wants because I know one day she won’t want me to.), and would spend every minute of the day with me if she could. Even now in October it makes me sad when she says, “Why do you have to go to work?” in the morning before I leave. I wish I could just jump back into bed and snuggle with her. At least my parents are watching her so it definitely makes being at work easier. Emi is my little girl now and it makes things different, in a good way, but there are definitely challenges as well!

For Emi’s 4th birthday, which did on a Friday, I surprised her (well, somewhat surprised her) with a trip to Disneyland. For weeks prior to her birthday, Emi told her teachers and school friends she would be going to Goofy’s Kitchen and Disneyland for her birthday. Mind you, we had never been to Goofy’s Kitchen nor did I even know of it! However, I was able to make reservations for Goofy’s Kitchen so on the day of, we headed out to Disneyland and breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen. Upon arrival, we headed to California Adventure first and rode Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree and The Little Mermaid ride. Afterwards Emi and I headed to Disneyland Hotel (Yes, I brought the stroller and pushed her everywhere! I was exhausted by the end of the day!) for breakfast. Emi LOVED Goofy’s Kitchen. She was able to see Goofy, Chip and Dale, Minnie, and Pluto and take pictures with all of them and give them big hugs. Emi made promises ties to her turning four and that included drinking milk and eating bacon (Don’t ask about the bacon; Taro came up with that.) so when we went to get our breakfast plates, Emi wanted pancakes, eggs, and bacon. She ate my Mickey shaped waffle and had fruit as well AND requested milk. Emi definitely held on to her end of the bargain! She really enjoyed breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen and I’m glad we have pictures to remember our special day together. Did I mention it was just me and Emi? I wanted to do something special just with her since my hands are always full with Abby. After breakfast, we headed over to Disneyland on the tram and went on the cars, which Emi enjoyed “driving,” the rocket ships, It’s a Small World, and the Ferris wheel at California Adventure. It was the first time Emi has gone on the Ferris wheel and she was completely knocked out by the time I walked to it (Yes, all the way from It’s a Small World!). She was adamant that she still wanted to go on it and we went on the moving ones, which was quite scary! Even though we didn’t go on a ton of rides (I had to get home to nurse Abby), Emi had a great time and I enjoyed spending some quality time with my girl. We were able to be silly and try on different hats – Emi ended up getting Elsa ears and I got the diamond anniversary ones – and just enjoy being us. Even though I was super tired at the end of the day, it was all worth it.

The next day my mom hosted a birthday party for Emi and her school friends at her house. Emi really enjoyed seeing her friends and anticipated it so much that she said, “Where are all my friends? It’s 1:00!” Her friends shortly showed up and all the fun began – jumping in the jumper and playing with toys in the living room. We had sandwiches, hot diggity dogs, fruit salad, salad, my mom’s Chex mix, candied apples, and a Mickey themed cake. Emi loved every minute of it…but the celebration did not stop there.

Since Taro was in India for two weeks in September for work, he missed Emi’s birthday. However, we had a party for all of our friends to celebrate Emi’s 4th birthday and Abby’s 1st birthday in October. Both parties were Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed parties and I used relatively the same decorations, but there were more decorations at the October party. I started working on the decor in July after Emi told me what kind of party she wanted. It took me forever to cut all the characters on the Cricut, but I have to say they turned out well. As usual, for the party at our house we had Omero’s Tacos, Mix n Munch, spam musubi from Aloha Cafe, sweets and treats from Porto’s, and vegetarian Indian food. There were three cakes from Porto’s, cupcakes from Sprinkles, and a huge tray of cookies that my mom made. We had familiar faces come to the party, but also new faces who we hope to see year after year! It was a great celebration and I am glad we had our family and friends there.

4 is already bringing in changes and new experiences. I am sure this year will be filled with new challenges, but ones I am sure I can handle. Regardless, Emi is still going to be the girl who makes me laugh and smile every single day. Whether she is singing “Let It Go” at the top of her lungs while holding her karaoke machine or rocking out to “Exs and Ohs” or a Taylor Swift song (really into “Welcome to New York”), shaking her booty in her underwear, asking to go to the black bench restaurant or requesting Luggage Room pizza, imagining that her pie is a person, snorting like Peppa Pig, or touching my necklace as a means of comfort till this day, I am going to cherish every moment and every bit of Emi.

Happy 4th birthday, monkey girl. You are my love and hold my heart.



When Regina contacted me, I was pleasantly surprised. I not only had her as a sophomore, but I also had Regina as a student during her senior year at Rowland High School. She didn’t call me regarding her fond memories of high school, though. She wanted me to take her wedding photos! I couldn’t believe she was already getting married since it felt like just yesterday I had her in the classroom learning about Beowulf and reading the juicy yet super awesome novel, Like Water for Chocolate. So of course I was ecstatic that I could play a different part in her life and be there to see another milestone in her life.

Regina and Salvador married at the beautiful English Springs Park in Chino Hills. They were intimately surrounded by friends and family who gathered to share in their love and happiness. It was a touching ceremony and you could see that Regina and Salvador were ready to start on their new adventure together. From photographing Regina getting ready to the exchange of vows, it was such a great experience to see how much Regina has grown. I wish the two of you all the best and may your lives be filled with unconditional love and friendship! Congratulations, Regina and Salvador!